Beach Built Fitness is Delray Beach’s premier community fitness experience. We provide clients of all levels a dynamic, challenging and energizing workout! Break outside the gym walls and tackle your fitness goals on the sand and surf!

Our 12 week program is designed to progressively challenge and improve all aspects of fitness. Each class builds off the previous to ensure your body continues to adapt. While it is designed to start at Week 1, we will be able to give specific modifications for those who join after Week 1.

Each workout begins with a dynamic warmup with a corrective exercise focus and ends with a yoga stretch sequence and a relaxing guided mind-body visualization. The 12 Week Program is broken down into three 4 week Phases:

  • Endurance Phase – 4 Weeks
  • Strength Phase – 4 Weeks
  • Speed/Agility/Power Phase – 4 Weeks


We meet every Saturday at 8:30am. Additional times will be added in the near future.



North Delray Beach on A1A, a half mile north of Atlantic Avenue, by the catamarans.



My name is Thomas Taylor and I am the head trainer and owner of Beach Built Fitness.
You can read more about my training philosophy, education, and experience here.


Driving Directions:

From I-95, take the Atlantic Avenue exit. Drive east until you reach A1A. Turn left on A1A and drive approximately a half mile. You will see catamaran masts on the ocean side. Park on the road and walk down to the beach.


These are useful items to bring:

  • Plenty of water
  • Shoes are optional but we recommend you bring them
  • A towel
  • Wear clothes you don’t mind getting wet

Come try a workout on me! The first workout is always complimentary!

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Hello and welcome! Beach workouts are extremely pleasing to the body and the spirit, but your mind may have some additional questions/concerns and I hope to address them all here in this FAQ. Please direct any additional questions to tom@taylortrained.com and I will update this FAQ as needed.

1 Is this workout for me? How hard is it? Is it for beginners?

This is a challenging dynamic workout. Meaning you will most likely be using your body in ways you would not normally in a typical gym setting. Bodyweight resistance is used along with a smaller dose of equipment. Cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength will be challenged in a variety of ways. We design our programs with all levels in mind and will have progressions (harder versions) and regressions (easier versions) of most exercises. I am a very experienced and well educated trainer and will quickly spot someone struggling with an exercise (poor form) and come over to give individual direction on modifications or instructions on how to perform an exercise properly.

We have clients ranging in age from 19 to 65. If you are concerned that you are “too old” or are simply afraid you cannot do this workout, keep in mind that you will not be “forced” to do anything, and we always give instructions to simply “Do what you can.” We will push you, but there is nothing wrong with stopping to catch your breath or grabbing a drink of water. Safety is #1, Results is #2, and Fun is found in the middle.

If this is your first time exercising in years, this beach workout is not for you. I highly suggest building yourself for a month or so with a program that combines cardio training (i.e. walking, running, elliptical) and resistance training. Once you have established a base level of conditioning, this beach workout will quickly propel you to new heights of fitness and health.

I also provide 1 on 1 sessions at your home/condo or at my private studio in Boca Raton if you would like to begin your fitness journey with the benefits of individual attention or simply as a compliment to Beach Built Fitness classes.

2What should I bring to the workout and how should I prepare?

You should eat breakfast and drink water before coming to the workout. You do not want to have used up your stored blood sugar (glycogen) reserves halfway through the workout and have nothing left to run on. Bring plenty of water to the beach, a towel (both for yourself and your car seat), and I would suggest wearing sunscreen or wearing a hat. I bring a small waterproof sea bag that everyone puts their keys/phones in to protect from sand and the possibility of rain.

3What if I have pre-existing injuries, new or old, or concerns about weak areas of my body?

It is critical that you discuss with me any previous injuries, injuries you are working through now, or any concerns at all about musculoskeletal weak points you know about or have hesitations with. Please contact me via email at tom@taylortrained.com with questions/concerns. I will modify or change workouts based on the needs of participants, but I need to know what I’m working with.

4Will we be swimming?

Every workout will be different, but in many programs there are components that involve getting wet. Swimming is an option for these portions of the exercise, but is not required. Many clients love the surf or ocean portions, but I realize not everyone will. I will give you another exercise to do in such a case, but otherwise wear clothes you don’t mind getting wet.

5Should I wear sneakers?

This depends on how much exposure to moving around on sand you have. If you have little to no exposure, I would wear sneakers. The level of ankle stability you have will determine how necessary sneakers are. I recommend wearing sneakers to the workout, because you can always take them off part-way through the workout if you desire.

6How will I know if the workout is canceled?

Beach Built Fitness classes will be held rain or shine! (excluding lightning of course) Originally this was not so, but due to the unpredictable nature of the weather here in South Florida, it became apparent that this is the wisest course of action.

If you notice a workout has not been scheduled for the upcoming Saturday, we are likely away due to holiday, sickness, travel, etc.